Drawing forces in web materials (e.g. plastic films or paper) are recorded with AR measuring rollers.


The AR measuring roller was developed in cooperation with all established producers. The measuring roller is secured in the same manner as a normal roller to the lateral machine room or with an optional shaft block. The force measurement sensors are integrated in the roller and record the forces acting on the roller.

Measuring principle

The force sensors function on the double bending beam principle with mechanical overload protection. Measurement is realised by four expansion measuring strips which transform expansion or compression of the bending beam into electrical signals. The red dot on the connection ring indicates the direction of force which triggers a positive measuring signal.


Integrated overloading protection, 10 x rated measuring force:
recalibration is not necessary
Rated measuring force of 200-12,000 N:
broad measuring range and maximum resolution
Stainless steel force sensors:
durable corrosion resistance
Force sensors integrated in the roller with single-sided electrical connection:
simplest mounting characteristics

Maximum flexibility: web drawing measuring roller with single-sided wiring